It Still Smarts Like It Was 4 Minutes Ago

When I was a college sophomore (or was I a junior?) , I remember having a class with Ma’am Ria Sorita (Now Mrs. Ria Sorita- Buluran) and studying about Howard Gardner. We studied so many theories but for some reason, only ONE stuck with me.

Gardner’s Theory on Multiple Intelligences fascinated me to no end because of all the ideas it presented. Out of all the theories (see, I don’t even remember the others), this was the one I actually understood and the one theory I saw making it BIG in Education. Years passed and I kind of forgot all about Mr. Gardner and his genius, and then my cousin asked me to help think of a School of Thought to go with her thesis, as she was thinking of “building” a school. So I suggested a school taking on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

I didn’t know that a school founded on this theory already existed until my cousin, who was doing her thesis for her architecture course told me about the one along Katipunan.

First National Conference in Teaching and Testing English and Literature (October 10-12)

More years and reunifications later, I am, yet again faced with my favorite subject and topic.Rubix Media, is holding the First National Conference in Teaching and Testing English and Literature on October 10-12 at the SMX Convention Center.  Can anybody say HOORAY!!! with me??

Why this is amazing? Being a teacher, I’ve seriously been longing for the day this actually got out. Hmmm…. How will i explain it? Let’s put it this way.

A diamond sparkles when one facet receives more light than the others. A well-cut  diamond, whose facets are shaped and cut with more precision and skill is, without question, bound to shine more brilliantly than others. Though only bound by similarities in shape, angle and not much more, each facet is still considered just as important for a diamond to be stellar in brilliance.

Just as with Multiple Intelligences, one’s mind is believed to do well or excel in certain fields than others. One’s mind is honed to perform better in certain areas than others. In Frames of Mind Howard Gardner treated the personal intelligences ‘as a piece’. Because of their close association in most cultures, they are often linked together. However, he still argues that it makes sense to think of two forms of personal intelligence. Gardner claimed that the 9 intelligences rarely operate independently. They are used at the same time and tend to complement each other as people develop skills or solve problems. Just like a diamond whose worth is based on its CUT, COLOR and CLARITY ,a student’s abilities can give him/her a good grasp on self-worth and become as brilliant as he or she wishes.

So there. Just think. An event for teachers to learn how to tap into all of those intelligences and make their students shine in their own right. Grounds for improving ourselves as teachers in order to  help our students  feel that there is really no limit to what they can be.


Plus it’s about English too, and we all know how i feel about THAT.

Seriously, a teacher could not ask for more.

** The Conference will be held on October 10-12 , at the SMX Convention Center.  To know more, visit  or call (02)709-5162.


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